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Use your ← → (arrow) keys to browse is a news, analysis, opinion and knowledge venture, launched in December 2018. News Portal is sharply focused on Politics and Policy, Government and Governance, and Latest Updates. Its leadership team includes India’s most experienced and respected journalists with proven track records in the finest news organisations.

Through news, views, analyses, and interactivity, News21Chaupal provides readers with a composite unbiased picture of the city, the country and the world around them. Today, News21Chaupal is the most read English Website in the city of Bareilly and is the preferred choice of 2.06 lakh readers in Bareilly alone.

News21Chaua piece of new age information, curation and dissemination platform. Screaming headlines, sensationalised and editorialised news reporting painting a grim picture of the nation and the economy seem to have become the order of the day. Real news and positive developments get lost in this cacophony. Our philosophy is to give you(Readers) the best curated news service in the most concise manner. Now, you can consume a news article in less than 30 seconds and personalise what you’d like to read. Our innovative timeline and follow functionalities allow you to track what is of essence to your sensibilities. Join our events to engage with key stakeholders in the government, social and private sectors. Come, be a part of the Chaupal Revolution.

We are headquartered in Bareilly, and New Delhi, and are in the process of building a network across India because we believe in investing in high-quality investigative and questioning journalism. Please see the code of ethics for our journalists.

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