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Delhi Air Quality Index (AQI), Smog Pollution and Weather Report



Delhi Weather and AQI News

Air pollution in Delhi-NCR is still in a dangerous condition. Air Quality Index 500 was recorded at Lodhi Road in Delhi. Meanwhile, in many areas, the air quality index has shown improvement over the last few days. However, the average AQI 300 is still recorded.

At the same time, the air quality index has reached 407 in Noida and 392 in Greater Noida. The poison has dissolved in the winds so much that even breathing in Delhi has become fatal. People are falling ill, people’s eyes are jealous.

The air of Delhi-NCR still remains poisonous. The average air quality index was recorded 300 in Delhi today (Saturday).

According to Air Visual data on the World Air Quality Index ranking, Delhi on Friday achieved the status of being the most polluted city in the world with 527 AQIs. The statistics of air visuals are constantly updated, so the ranking and AQI figures change during the day.



According to Air Visual, Delhi’s air quality broke all records on November 5 and after that, it was in a dangerous condition for nine consecutive days. This was the longest period of contamination of air since public records began.

Delhi, Lahore, Karachi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Kathmandu fall in six of the top 10 polluted cities in the Indian subcontinent. That is, air pollution in Asia has become concentrated in South Asia. There are three Indian cities in this category. So, it is clear that the problem of air pollution is not only in North India, but Delhi’s pollution is twice that of Kolkata.

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