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Neha Kakkar makes shocking statement post-breakup: Read full story



Neha Kakkar makes shocking statement post-breakup: Read full story

After Neha Kakkar breakup, now she finally opens up about her ex relationship with famous singer Himansh Kohli and her painful breakup. In her latest interview, she stated that after breakup now she is not open to fall in love again. From the last few days, a lot has been stated and written about Neha Kakkar and her break-up with Himansh Kohli. Their break-up just came as a shock after Himansh arrived on Indian Idol show and shared a very romantic dance with his ladylove. Though Neha has removed most of her pictures with him from social media, Himansh has still maintained his silence over the matter. After a lot being said, Neha has finally opened up about her relationship and break-up. 

In her recent interview  Neha revealed that Right now, all she can say is that being single is the best feeling of her life after breakup. She also said that when she was in a relationship, she was not being able to give time to her family and friends. At that time, she dedicated all her time and energy to just one person who does not deserve it. And even after doing this, in spite of giving him so much time; he always complained of not being together stated Neha.

The Kala Chashma singer still went on elaborating that Thankfully she have moved on from this bad relationship. She is really in a happy space now as she have realised that her family is more deserving than anybody else in her life. A few months before Neha had taken to her social media access to tell the world that she is undergoing depression and is now going through a rough patch.

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