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WhatsApp Removing 2 million Suspicious account: Find if your’s is one?



WhatsApp Removing 2 million Suspicious account: Find if your's is one?

WhatsApp is banning 2 million accounts and the accounts which are banned usually send a bulk of messages. WhatsApp is removing minimum two million accounts every  month for the unauthorised behavior and  75 per cent of those who don’t use Whatsapp.  According to the reports, these efforts are very necessary and important during the elections where certain groups may misuse and attempt to send messages at a large scale.

There are many actors who are trying to abuse the free services which whatsapp is providing, constantly advancing our anti-abuse operations to keep the whatsapp chatting platform safe. WhatsApp is banning certain accounts which send a high volume of messages.

Whatsapp department is able to detect and remove many accounts before they are registered and preventing them from sending a single text message. Roughly almost 20 percent of account has been baned at the time of registration only. WhatsApp which has over 200 million users in India aims to understand the criticial behavioral cues indicating bulk registrations.

WhatsApp said it has facilitated training for the political parties in some states that went into elections in 2018. The organization will expand the effort and work with the Election Commission of India in leading up to the national election this year, said WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has recently hired Abhijit Bose who will be leading India’s operations and will grow a local team that will further develop relationships with civil society and respond to the government on a firm timely basis.The team will include local legal, policy and business teams that can work with our Indian partners on common goals such as increasing financial inclusion and digital literacy across India. Whatsapp is the most used platform in India and frauds also takes places due to same.

Mrinalini Mahajan is a Journalism Student at Asian Academy of Film & Television. Her Expertise is Lifestyle and Entertainment. Mrinalini is fond of Watching movies and Other Cinema Stuff. She is also a great Cinema Critic and Movie Reviewer

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