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Barabanki: More than 6 died at UP after drinking Poisonous liquor



Barabanki Poisonous Liquor: Once again, poisonous liquor in Uttar Pradesh is woefully wreaking its own woes. The matter is of Raniganj village of Ramnagar police station of Barabanki. While drinking alcohol, seven people, including three brothers and father of the same family, were killed in suspicious circumstances. According to the information, drinking lots of people have a bad condition, they are being treated.

According to the information, the relatives grinded liquor from the Raniganj native liquor shop, after which their condition worsened. He was taken to Suratganj, a community health center where he died. It is being reported that Ramesh, 35, Mukesh, 28, Sonu, 25, and his father, Chhotlal Valmiki, have died of 50 years of age.

The family said that after drinking alcohol, everyone’s condition started to deteriorate, after which he was taken to the hospital. Where one doctor was declared dead. At the same time, two brothers’ community health center died in Suratganj. At the same time, Chhotlal died in a critical condition while carrying the CHC to Lucknow Trauma Center.

After the matter came to light, the administration has seized the liquor shop located at Rani Ganj. At the same time, the police has gathered in the shop of the seller. The police say that the body has been sent for postmortem. Due to the postmortem report, the death will be revealed only after the matter is of poisonous liquor or due to poisoning in the food.

In the incident, four people of the same family have died. Ramesh Kumar S/O Chhota Lal (35), Sonu S/O Chhota Lal (25), Mukesh S/O chote lal (28), Chote Lal S/O Ghooru (60). Besides this, sonu S/O Suresh (25), Rajesh S/O Shalik Ram (35) Akohra, Puri Mahar resident Surya Bhan S/O Sun Baksh, Rajendra Verma S/O Jagmohan resident Umari, CMR resident Mahendra Singh, Captain Singh and Mahendra’s son Dulgjan Tathera have also died.

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