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Credit Card Fraud Alert: Gmail this feature to cause scam: Read details



Credit Card Fraud Alert: Gmail this feature to cause scam: Read details

Gmail has offered a useful dot feature to its users all across the world. This new feature called dot  redirects all emails to the same account if in case users have mistakenly added a dot or a period in the receivers email address. But now as the cybercriminals are exploiting this new dot feature on Gmail to make new crimes like filing fake tax returns, or something like availing the financial benefits from the organization or government agencies, extending the trial period of many online services, and credit card fraud also among others.

According to a report, the cybercriminals are misusing this new feature on the Gmail. These types of crimes are not new but crime in the Gmail is just the latest one and these crimes are committing since last year. The Gmail dot feature was first reported in public domain by Axios. The dot feature was used to commit scams of Business Email Compromise. The Gmail dot feature makes sure that the emails which were intended for a particular person reach them if the sender mistakenly adds, or forgets a dot or a period in the name of user.

According to the recent studies by the security experts, a group of cyber criminals misused the Gmail dot feature to make around for $65,000 which is roughly around 46,52,400 in credit from the four banking of the US. The dot feature vulnerability makes the entire process of adding up a fraud very easy. The cybercriminals are allegedly registered for 14 different trial accounts with various commercial services, filed up by the 13 fraudulent tax returns before an online tax filing service and has submitted 12 address change requests. This feature is mainly misused for taking the advantage of financial gains.

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