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ICC World Cup 2019; Rules, Complete guide and Regulations



This time the ICC World Cup is going to be exciting and nail-biting in many ways. This time there are many new things added in the World Cup which we have never seen before. The International Cricket Council(ICC) is going to experiment so many new things in this World Cup. It may also be predicted that the world cup could see the first time super over in ODIs. Let’s take a look at the special things of this World Cup and the new rules of the ICC.

5 Interesting things in ICC World Cup 2019

  1. This time 10 teams are participating for the first time in the World Cup. Prior to this, 8 teams participated in 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1987. Most of the 16 teams participated in World Cup 2007.
  2. This will be the first time since 1992 World Cup when the World Cup will be played under round robin league format. Under this format, all the 10 teams have to play against each other. Top 4 teams out of these 10 teams will qualify for the semi-finals.
  3. The team that won more matches in the league stage will be on top of the points table. If two teams have equal points then the net run-rate will be decided and if the net run rate is also equal, then that team will go ahead, who will have won the match played between the two teams in the league stage. If the result is still tied, then the team whose top is in the World Cup seeding will go ahead.
  4. If the case is of the final match, even if it is not decided in reserve-day or super-overs, then both the teams playing in the final will be declared as joint winners.
  5. For the first time in ICC World Cup, super over can also be seen but it can only be seen in the semi-finals and final. If the match of the semi-tie was also tie in the superhero or due to weather, reserve-day or super-overs could not be played, then the team above the league stage would be declared as a winner.
  6. Seeding in ICC World Cup 2019 are as follows; 1. South Africa 2. India 3. Australia 4. England 5. New Zealand 6. Pakistan 7. Bangladesh 8. Sri Lanka 9. Afghanistan 10. Afghanistan