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Priyanka Gandhi’s car crushed a foot of women police officer in Mahoba rally



Priyanka Gandhi rally in Mahoba

Priyanka Gandhi: On Wednesday (April 24th) in Mahoba district headquarters in Uttar Pradesh, a woman police officer was injured as her leg was crushed by a vehicle during a road show of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Later the officer has been admitted to the district hospital for treatment, where her condition has been declared as fragile. Police Regional Officer (City) Jatashankar Rao said, as the convoy of the Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s roadshow reached the Paramanand Chowk as soon as the convoy of the vehicle was being driven by the women’s constable Khusumu Banu, working in the Local Inspection Unit (LYU) running with her vehicle. The next wheel of Priyanka Gandhi’s car got clogged, and her leg was crushed.

Priyanka Gandhi has entrusted the responsibility of monitoring and treatment of the injured female police officer to the president of Congress women’s unit and ordered them to inform her health momentarily.

Girl Severely Injured After Priyanka Gandhi’s Car Hits Her During Roadshow

Priyanka Gandhi’s roadshow in Mahabo yesterday was in support of Congress’ Tindawari candidate Pritam Singh Kisan turned ugly after her car bumped and crushed a woman. The injured police officer was rushed to the local hospital in the district. The doctors soon declared that the patient’s condition was fragile, following which she was shifted to the ICCU. Meanwhile, Priyanka Gandhi has asked his party workers from the Congress’ women’s wing to positively keep updating her on the injured girl’s condition.

The local cop who has been injured is being recognized as Khushi and Khushi is posted with Local Intelligence Unit of the UP police.

In this rally, Thousands of people and party supporters gathered to take a glimpse of their leader. As soon as Priyanka reached to the roadshow, Congress supporters and party workers started shouting with “Congress Party Zindabad, Priyanka Gandhi Zindabad”.






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