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So Delhi can get a Sikh MP After 40 years of drought



Arvinder Singh Lovely

Will Delhi again be going to choose any Sikh as its MP after nearly 40 years? Arvinder Singh Lovely, who was a minister in the Delhi government, Congress made him its candidate from East Delhi seat. Therefore there is a possibility that after 1980, no Sikh can go to the Lok Sabha from Delhi. In the Lok Sabha elections of 1980, the Congress had made a nominee from South Delhi seat. Nobody did not hear his name. At least not in the political circles. And that name was Charanjit Singh’s. Then there was a discussion being flowed in political corridors, who is Charanjit Singh? Where did this come? It was the period of Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi in Congress. And nobody has the courage to ask them that who is this Charanjit Singh?

The general election of the 7th Lok Sabha i.e. 1980 was imposed on the country. At the center, the Janata Party government had fallen due to their peak leaders’ conflict. So the country was again in a state to choose the new Lok Sabha. The people of the country were angry with the Janta Party which they had given the key to the power of the Center in 1977 with the whole heart.

Charanjit Singh could not leave any mark as a speaker in his election meetings. But since he was from the Congress, he had grown a political environment in his favor. Some political experts were saying that if he loses, will lose by a very little margin. He was spending a lot of money on his campaign.

In that period, the EC’s lash did not run like today. Then, in the elections, the expenses of the candidates were not seen as like today’s time.

After the campaign, voting took place on 3 January and counting was followed on January 6, 1980. For the first time in Indian politics, Charanjit Singh defeated Vijay Kumar Malhotra. He got 150513 votes and Vijay Kumar Malhotra got 146413 votes. So in this way, Delhi sent first Sikh MP for the first time in the Lok Sabha.

Significantly, in that Lok Sabha election, only Atal Bihari Vajpayee had won from New Delhi seat. The Congress won the remaining six seats. But Charanjit Singh became the first Sikh to enter in Lok Sabha from Delhi.

Now this time, the record of Charanjit Singh is going to break? After he won the election of 1980, he got disconnected from politics. He had died a few years ago.

Contestants from Delhi East Delhi Seat for Lok Sabha election 2019

  1. Gautam Gambhir(BJP)
  2. Arvinder Singh Lovely(INC)
  3. Aatishi Marlena(AAP)








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