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Menstrual Hygiene Day 2019: Do and Don’ts during periods



Every year, 28th May is celebrated as Menstrual Hygiene Day, MH Day or MHD. It is a day designed to promote good menstrual hygiene management (MHM) for all girls and women. The theme for this year’s MHD is It’s Time for Action’. Along with menstrual hygiene, menstrual health is important too.

The discomfort of cramps, physical pain, sensations of nausea, and irregular menses are all topics that are addressed under this subject. Yoga plays a vital role in regulating your monthly cycle and also alleviating the pain to a large extent.

Even on the worst days of your menstrual cycle, a few light yoga moves, some deep breathing, gentle stretching and Om chanting may be beneficial for you. There are yoga poses that widen the pelvic opening and reduce any congestion. The practice of yoga is also beneficial for balancing emotions that may cause irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety or anger.

Do’s during Menstruation:

  • Eat healthily – It will keep your energy levels high despite losing blood during menses.
  • Increase your fluid intake – Maintaining hydration reduces cramps and period pain and improves pelvic blood flow.
  • Eat chocolate – Research shows that chocolate rich in cacao keeps your cravings under control and helps you cope with mood swings.
  • Wisely choose your sanitation method and keep changing it regularly– Choose a product as per your need and comfort. Whether it is sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups, it needs to be changed regularly to avoid infection and skin rash due to the moist environment. A pad should be changed every 6 hours and tampon every 2 to 3 hours.
    • Keep your external genitalia clean of blood stains when you change your pad to avoid smell.
    • Sanitary napkins should be disposed after wrapping it properly in disposable bags and not to be flushed in toilet.
  • Avoiding the use of vaginal wash- Rather warm water is better to clean your private parts. The direction of cleaning should be from above downwards (vagina to anus) to avoid contamination from the rectum. Vagina has a self-cleaning mechanism to wash away all bacteria, so avoid the use of wash that can kill the natural protective flora. Rarely, you can also experience a pad rash and itching on your perineum or inner thighs. It can be avoided by keeping the area dry and clean and changing the pad on time; you can also consult your Gynecologist to recommend a medicated powder. If they continue to persist along with the damp environment, microorganisms will multiply and lead to vaginal or urinary tract infections.
  • Have a bath regularly- Helps to relieve you of menstrual cramps, backache, and also improves mood.

DON’Ts during menstruation: We know you feel different when you have your periods

  • Don’t be moody and give excuses – Take a walk or read a book.
  • Don’t pamper yourself with junk foods and salted chips – It can increase your fluid retention.
  • You can swim – You can swim too while using a tampon. So don’t feel low on energy.
  • Maintenance of hygiene is on you – Don’t use the same pad or tampon for the whole day. Keep changing.
  • Don’t be sedentary – Don’t keep on sitting on the bed while menstruating. Rather go for regular walk and gym.
  • Avoid using white or light colored dresses – Keep them for later days to wear with a smile and confidence.
  • Keep your sanitary pads on – While going to bed at night, don’t remove your pad or tampon; it might stain your bedsheet and ruin our mattress; instead, buy cloth pads that are really comfortable.
  • Don’t plan your doctor visit, dental treatment, and waxing – Plan you doctors appointments wisely during menstruation. It will pain more as you are low on estrogens.

To conclude, chill out and have fun; your time will pass smoothly if you take care of yourself.


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