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Lok Sabha Elections 2019; When and Where voting will be followed

Election Commission declared the election program on Sunday. This time the voting process will follow in 7 phases. The results of the Lok Sabha will be on May 23.



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Election Commission declared the election program on Sunday. This time the voting process will follow in 7 phases. The results of the Lok Sabha will be on May 23. Chief election commissioner Sunil Arora said in a press conference that in view of elections to be held from April 11 to May 19 in the seven phases of the constitution of 17th Lok Sabha, the Election Code of Conduct has come into force with immediate effect. At the same time, the government will not be able to make any policy decision that could influence the voters’ decision. The entire election process is scheduled to be completed on 27th May.

In the joint press conference with Election Commissioner Ashok Lavasa and Sushil Chandra, the Chief Election Commissioner told that in the elections to be held on 543 Lok Sabha seats, VVPET EVMs will be used at every polling station. Earlier, VVPET was being used with EVM at one of the polling booths of each seat. With the help of VVPET, the voter can see his voting slip.

First phase: Voting on 91 seats in 20 states

voting on April 11 Andhra Pradesh -24, Arunachal Pradesh-2, Assam-5, Bihar-4, Chhattisgarh-1, Jammu-Kashmir-II, Maharashtra -7, Manipur-1, Meghalaya-2, Mizoram-1, Nagaland-1, Odisha- 4, Sikkim-1, Telangana-17, Tripura-1, UP-8, Uttarakhand-5, West Bengal-2, Andaman and Nicobar-I, Lakshadweep-I, Dadra and Nagar Haveli-1

Second phase: voting on April 18 for 97 Lok Sabha seats in 13 states

Assam-5, Bihar-5, Chhattisgarh-3, Jammu-Kashmir-2, Karnataka-14, Maharashtra-10, Manipur-1, Odisha-5, Tamil Nadu -39, Tripura-1, Uttar Pradesh-8, West Bengal- 3, Puducherry-1

Third phase: voting will be done in 115 seats on April 23

Assam-4, Bihar-5, Chhattisgarh -7, Gujarat-26, Goa-2, Jammu and Kashmir-1, Karnataka-14, Kerala-20, Maharashtra-14, Orissa-6, UP-10, West Bengal-5 , Dadra and Nagar Haveli-1, Daman Diu-1

Fourth phase: voting for 71 seats in nine states on April 29

Bihar-5, Jammu-Kashmir-1, Jharkhand-1, Madhya Pradesh-6, Maharashtra-17, Orissa-6, Rajasthan-13, UP-13, Bengal-8

Fifth phase: Voting on May 6 in 51 Lok Sabha seats of 7 states

Bihar-05, Jammu-Kashmir-02, Jharkhand-04, Madhya Pradesh-07, Rajasthan-12, Uttar Pradesh-14, West Bengal-07

Sixth phase: Voting for 59 Lok Sabha seats in 7 states, voting on May 12

Bihar-8, Haryana-10, Jharkhand-4, Madhya Pradesh-8, Uttar Pradesh-14, West Bengal-8, Delhi-NCR 7.

Seventh Stage: Voting in 8 States on 59 Seats

Bihar-8, Jharkhand-3, Madhya Pradesh-8, Punjab-13, West Bengal-9, Chandigarh-1, UP-13, Himachal-4.

OP Arora also clarified that the assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir will not be happened with the Lok Sabha elections. However, in Jammu and Kashmir, Anantnag Lok Sabha seat will be held in three phases for security reasons. Arora said that the notification for voting for the first phase of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on April 11 will be issued on March 18.

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