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Why Congress deleted Sitaram Kesri name from it’s official Website?



The Congress party, who is struggling with its defeat in 2019 Lok Sabha elections, is probably cutting away from telling the different leaders name apart from Nehru-Gandhi family. The latest controversy is that Congress party has removed the name of its former presidents on the party’s official website. The name of late Former President Sitaram Kesari is not mentioned in the list of leaders of the Congress. Sitaram Kesari came from the backward class of Bihar. Kesri was the President of the Indian National Congress from 1996 to 1998. But the party website is not showing his name in the list of former presidents.

Sitaram Kesri

After the demise of Rajiv Gandhi, former PM PV Narasimha Rao became the President of the Congress. In September 1996, after leaving Narasimha as the Congress president, the command of the Congress was handed over to Sitaram Kesari. Kesari remained Congress president till March 1998. After Kesari, Sonia Gandhi took over the command of the party.

According to the BBC report, “On 9 March 1998, Kesari announced the resignation, but after a few minutes, he changed his mind. Kesari claimed that he had expressed his intention only about the resignation. Although all the major newspapers had printed on their behalf that Kesari had resigned. CWC meeting was held, Kesari objected to the minutes of the meeting. Kesari collapsed badly when Mukherjee thanked him for his services as party chief and presented Sonia Gandhi’s proposal to take over the post.

BBC wrote in its report, “In the afternoon, the committee formally announced Sonia Gandhi as Congress Supremo. The nameplate of Kesari was removed and it was thrown into the dustbin. When Kesari, who was removed from the post of the party, was leaving 24, Akbar Road, then some members of Youth Congress tried to draw his dhoti.

Although senior leaders of the party, including Sonia Gandhi, were not aware of this, these moments were extremely disgusting and painful because Kesari was a freedom fighter and a hardcore Congressman. ‘






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