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Priya Prakash Varrier Kissing Video Goes Viral! Watch Video



Priya Prakash Varrier Kissing Video Goes Viral! Watch Video

Priya Prakash, the National crush of the India has always managed to be in the headline for all the right and wrong reasons. A new video of Priya Prakash is breaking internet in which it is seen that the national crush is kissing her co-star in the video. This new video is breaking the internet and the fans are gushing over the video. This  Malayalam actress rose to fame after a video from her upcoming film Oru Adaar Love dropped on the internet and she became the wink queen of the country.

The video of the actress winking when broke the internet this girl on a sudden rose to fame and become a overnight star. Before any film of the actress hit the theatre, she is already a star. In the new video of her, it is seen that the actress is seeing locking lips with her Oru Adaar Love co-star Roshan Abdul Rauf. The kiss went for about 10 seconds with actors in the school uniform. This video has got her social media fans buzzing about her all over again. According to the fans, this video is turning out to be the public stunt for gaining the attention of fans as less than a week is left for her movie to hit theatres.

In the recent time, Priya Prakash was in news due to her new film Sridevi Bungalow. The husband of Late Sridevi, Boney kapoor become furious and filed  a complaint against the makers of film to choose the name of his wife. Meanwhile in the recent interview, Priya Prakash claimed that her new film has nothing to do with the bollywood legendary and it is just the name of her character. Priya Prakash is one of the most loved faced in the growing industry. Her film is sure to make a star buster in the theatres.

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