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Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship controversy; Updated version of financial crime

“Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha. It formulates Code of Conduct for members and suggests amendments to it from time to time. It also oversees moral and ethical-conduct of Members. It examines complaints related to any unethical conduct by members of Lower House of Parliament”.



After the complaint given by BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Subramaniam Swamy, the Union Home Ministry has issued a notice to Rahul Gandhi and asked for an answer within 15 days. Dr. Swami has alleged in his complaint letter that strict action should be taken against Congress chief Rahul Gandhi because of being a British citizen. Rahul Gandhi, along with his associate, had registered a company called Backoffs Limited in the UK in 2003. In the documents, Rahul Gandhi was shown as the director and secretary of the company and his date of birth was also recorded. Rahul Gandhi was declared a British citizen in this year’s annual return to the UK, by the company. Although,  Rahul Gandhi shut down this company in 2009, but the dispute is not yet pursued –

An advocate filed a public interest petition in November 2015 in the Supreme Court seeking a probe into Mr. Gandhi’s citizenship. Chief Justice Dattu dismissed this petition two days before his retirement. The court had said that “PIL should be used to improve the system rather than complain against the Individual person. It should be used to improve the system“. The Supreme Court did not take any consideration for the merits of the complaint or the documents in this matter, so the dismissal of the petition should not be considered as NOC.

BJP MP Mahesh Giri had put a complaint against Rahul Gandhi and submitted to Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan in 2016. Mahajan sent the complaint to the Ethics Committee of Parliament for investigation. The chairman of that committee was senior BJP leader LK Advani. After the controversy over this issue has grown, it is being said that the Parliamentary Ethics Committee meeting has not been held for the last two years.

What is Ethics Committee of Parliament?

Ethics Committee of Lok Sabha. It formulates Code of Conduct for members and suggests amendments to it from time to time. It also oversees moral and ethical-conduct of Members. It examines complaints related to any unethical conduct by members of Lower House of Parliament.

Rahul Gandhi has been a member of the Lok Sabha for several years and currently the President of Congress. Despite the complaint lodged against him, the controversy did not go so long as the Parliamentary Committee has taken timely investigations and action.

Rahul Gandhi was first time elected in 2004

In National Herald case, Dr. Swami filed a case in Delhi High court against Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, and some other senior Congress leaders. In that case, Rahul Gandhi had to take Bell. According to the Constitution and Electoral Law of India, no person can be a citizen of another country. If Rahul Gandhi is a British citizen, then questions would be raised on his previous membership along with the benefits which he had been taken since he was elected to Parliament.

Dr. Swami has been accusing this for many years and he has the necessary documents and proof too(as he claims on TV Debates and Live sessions). Instead of complaining to the Home Ministry during the elections, the court proceedings will get the case cleaned up quickly by taking court action.

Priyanka Gandhi dismisses allegations over Rahul’s citizenship

Soon after the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a notice to Congress President Rahul Gandhi’s to clarify his citizenship, his sister and the party General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra dismissed the allegations as rubbish and said her brother was an Indian who was born and brought up in India.  “I have not heard such a rubbish earlier,” Priyanka Gandhi told the media here.  “The entire country knows that Rahul Gandhi is an Indian. He was born in front of all here, he grew up here and in front of all he grew, everyone knows this,” she said.

According to Rahul Gandhi, he gave all the information about this company in the 2004 election affidavit, which Dr. Swami is turning wrong. Rahul Gandhi had challenged, saying that why does Dr. Swami not disclose his British passport details? It appears that in this case, instead of Indian laws, Britain’s laws have been violated. Therefore, in this case, Dr. Swami will be sued in the UK for success in this case.

The company registered in the UK has already been closed in 2009, due to the delay, now the concerted action is difficult in this case.

Our Remark:

In the last 15 years, this matter has come before the government, the Parliament and the Supreme Court in several ways. The issued notice by the Home Ministry will also be in the unresponsive mood after the 2019 election season. There is a big case related to black money and foreign investment in this dispute, which should be thoroughly investigated.

It is appropriate to give an explanation by the income tax(IT) department about whether the income received from the British company owned by Rahul Gandhi or not?

Many influential leaders, actors, and industrialists have become citizens of foreign countries, despite living in India. In cases like Vijay Mallya, the money of Indian banks is stuck but it is difficult to take action against foreign citizens like them. In order to bring back black money stashed abroad, the Modi government had constituted Special Investigation Team under the chairmanship of retired justice Arijit Pasayat. This issue will reach a logical conclusion if there is a comprehensive investigation of foreign investment and black money on the pretext of Rahul Gandhi’s dispute.

What is SIT?

Justice (retd) Arijit Pasayat, deputy chairman of the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigating Team (SIT) on black money, on Thursday disclosed that so far around ₹70,000 crore had been detected in black money, including over ₹16,000 crore by Indians stashing funds abroad.