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Tragic Love Story! Mother’s Live-In partner Rapes Daughter ; Read Full Story



Tragic Love Story! Mother's Live-In partner Rapes Daughter ; Read Full Story

Crime rates are increasing rapidly in our country and murders, rapes has caught the eye of criminals and the cases increasing in number are making things a problem. A recent case was filed in the metropolitain city in which 19 year old girl was raped by the boyfriend of mother. The mother of the teenage was in live-in relationship and that man allegedly raped the daughter when no one was at home. The man who raped the young girl was 36 year old. The accused was held by the police as soon as the complaint was filed against the person.

The mother of the victim left her husband and was living with daughter and other man. The victim’s mother came into interaction with the accused with the help of some of her friends. The efforts of the culprit led to a close connection between the two and an affair was build up between the two. This was not the first time that the culprit would tease the daughter. He would usually tease her whenever she goes to take bath or goes for changing clothes. She ignored all these thing and refrained from telling to mother in order to not make her upset over this issue.

If she has considered all these small steps and has complained about this, today the world and her life would be so easy. On Tuesday the mother of the daughter went for work and then he asked the daughter for a glass of water, and later in return asked her to get physical with him. When she refused, the culprit raped the 19-year old girl in her house. She was tortured also so that the victim would refrain from telling the same to anyone else.

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