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Voting percentage Phase 6 Lok Sabha election 2019 LIVE updates: Voter turnout jumps to 10.59% at 9.40 am from 1.05% at 9 am



Voting percentage latest updates

10:30 AM IST- Aam Aadmi Party’s East Delhi candidate Atishi Marlena cast her vote in Delhi. Speaking to reporters, she expressed confidence that people will reward AAP for its five years’ work and the party will win all seven seats. When asked that who she considers a stronger contender in her constituency, Atishi told India Today, “Congress has reserved the third spot for itself, no matter which election it is. But I am confident that AAP will win.”

10:15 AM IST- State-wise breakdown of the voter turnout

8:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Bihar 0.00% 2.30% 9.03%
Delhi NCT 0.00% 0.24% 7.90%
Haryana 0.00% 0.68% 8.79%
Madhya Pradesh 0.00% 0.62% 12.60%
Uttar Pradesh 0.00% 1.54% 9.37%
West Bengal 0.22% 0.22% 16.99%
Jharkhand 0.00% 1.94% 15.36%

10:00 AM IST- At 10 am, the voter turnout, according to the Election Commission’s official app, was 10.80 percent, with West Bengal registering the highest at 16.99 percent.

The Election Commission releases data on voter turnout on its official Voter Turnout app 8 am onwards.

Voting percentage latest updates

State-wise breakdown of the voter turnout till 9 am

9:30 AM IST-

State Voter Turnout
Bihar 2.30%
Delhi NCT 0.24%
Haryana 0.68%
Madhya Pradesh 0.62%
Uttar Pradesh 1.54%
West Bengal 0.22%
Jharkhand 1.94%